Wave Wallpaper Pack



Description :

10 phone wallpapers and 10 monitor wallpapers. That are made to look simplistic and modern with various colour gradients. These are made to mork on any mobile device and any 16:9 monitors. these wallpapers are 2160x3840 pixels large and are made to look like arrows. The colour combinations included are:

. Blue
. Dark Blue
. Green
. Light Blue
. Lime
. Orange
. Pink
. Purple
. Red
. Yellow

How to download :

Once you have simply purchased your wallpaper pack, make sure to stay on the page. The Paypal/Debit Card options will dissapear and you will see a “Click Here To Download” simply click on that, this will take you to the donwload file where you can download all the wallpapers as a ZIP folder from Mega. There you have it, the wallpapers are all yours.


If you have any questions about these wallpapers feel free to ask us at support@graphicshed.com. our team will try and awnser any questions within 24 hours.

These wallpapers packs are made for personal use only.

From The Team At GraphicShed :)

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